One Piece Filler List The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide 2022: There is no question or any kind of doubt that One Piece is considered in the list of one of the most famous anime and manga series. The surprising key factor about the series is that the 1st chapter of the series was launched in the year 1997. Time passes but the craze of watching or reading it just constantly increases and every time people get excited to know about it. Now the series is persisting it will have more than 1000 episodes and frankly not every episode is a doctrine in OP. In this blog, we’re sharing the Filler list of PY and Order To Watch it.

One Piece Filler List

The filler list of TOP will aid the fans to miss unnecessary and unwanted episodes as the anime is quite vast, and it will be required to solely watch the adapted episodes of the canon. It is important to know which episode is necessary to watch and which is not so that you don’t lose interest in this. Those who passionately follow the story already know that OP has around 1035 episodes and it is split into a total of ten seasons and forty-eight arcs of which ninety-three episodes are just filler and around twenty-five are mixed.

The filler episodes of OP fabricated 8% of the series, we know you must be thinking that this percentage is not that much and what is the point of skipping it but it is necessary to know it as we know the number of series is really vast so it’s better to know what to watch or not. Break in the clouds, these episodes are assembled into filler arcs which makes it very easy to find them and then decide to skip them or watch them. There is no doubt that all the fillers of One Piece are really funny and amusing they deliver very smartly with the canon tale of the manga but if you want to watch or finish OP fastly, the watcher require to skip these filler episodes and this website is is will surely help you to find out which you can skip.

The List Of Filler Episodes Of One Piece

OP is the most famous and successful anime show and it has around 13 filler episodes. Though those who want to watch it, they can but those who do not want to waste their time and want to watch only the main episodes can skip as we know that filler never affects the plot of the main story. Continue to read to know the filler

  • Warship Island arc: Episodes no. 56 to 61
  • Post Alabasta arc: Episodes no. 131 to 135
  • Goat Island arc: Episodes no. 136 to 138
  • Ruluka Island arc: Episodes no. 139 to 143
  • G8 arc: Episodes no. 196 to 206
  • Ocean’s Dream arc: Episodes no. 220 to 224
  • Foxy’s return arc: Episodes no. 225 and 226
  • Ice Hunter arc: Episodes no. 326 to 335
  • Spa Island arc: Episodes no. 382 to 384
  • Little East Blue arc: Episodes no. 426 to 429
  • Z’s Ambition arc: Episodes no. 575 to 578
  • Caesar’s Retrieval arc: Episodes no. 626 to 628
  • Silver Mine arc: Episodes no. 747 to 750
  • Marine Rookie arc: Episodes no. 780 to 782
  • Cidre Guild arc: Episodes no. 895 and 896

All these episodes which we mentioned above are filler and now it’s your choice whether you want to watch them or skip them. For those who are planning to watch it this list will help you to skip those episodes which are not required to watch but still you will watch more than 900 episodes. Stay tuned with us to get all the details.


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