One Punch Man Chapter 179 Release Date, Time, and, Countdown: Reading good things always makes our minds relax. That is why people read different things whether it is books, novels, newspapers, or manga. It is not necessary every time person read something to get knowledge sometimes they read to get relaxation and soon after it became their habit to read the manga as it holds their interest and makes them read more and more. This time as one such manga is standing in the line of the list of reading. Yes, you are guessing right we are talking about “One Punch Man“. After winning the hearts of many people the manga is ready to launch another chapter of it.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

One Punch Man Chapter 179 Countdown

This beautiful creation has been constructed in Japan by the hands of One and beautifully illustrated by Yusuke Murata. As of now, Saitama dealing with the greatest challenge yet in the next upcoming chapter of it. He will be seen squaring off against the mighty Garou. Now, those who read the previous chapter want to know what are the chances of him becoming the winner of it. The expectation for the next chapter has admirers looking for whatever tidbits of details they can discover. However, for those who think these series follow the pattern, let us inform them that it does not follow any kind of releasing pattern. So now, the question is when the publishers will be releasing the next chapter and know that you need to follow this article.

Release Date and Time Of Chapter 179 Of One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 179: As per the source, the new chapters are usually launched on the first or the last Saturday of each month. After releasing the chapter then the series will go on a break for the next future weeks. So basically, the new chapter 179 of the series will be launched on Wednesday, 23rd November 2022. Only a week has left before the release of the upcoming chapter so readers don’t forget to watch it but before that let’s have details or the prediction of the upcoming chapter of the series.

Prediction And Spoiler Of Chapter 179 Of One Punch Man

As Child King involves in a battle with Brave Giant against Resurrected Phoenix Man. In order to avoid combat, Phoenix Man gives offers an alliance to him. Whilst he tries to retaliate or fight back, it is not until they reach the location of Saitama and Child King listens to messages of support from Zombieman and Saitama that he is able to win. He takes off his Giant and big dress and works a tickling device in order to turn Phoenix Man into a beautiful and innocuous lady. To know more just go and read it.


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