Ooku is a well-known series. It has released its 1-10 episodes. This article will have a look at the reviews of Ooku The Inner Chambers episodes 1-10. Keep reading for more information.

Ooku The Inner Chambers

What Was In Ooku The Inner Chambers

Ooku The Inner Chambers shows that there is a plague that kills men. The population has more women now. This plague kills men as they reach adulthood. All the women are now handling different fields. They are being seen in works like running the government and taking major decisions. Men are tries to be protected Their seeds have a price. Ooku is a place in Edo Castle where there are a number of men living. They are there so that they can serve the emperor. There was a guy, Mizuno Yunoshin living in the Ooku. He was weak but handsome. He meets the new emperor, Tokugawa Yoshimune. Let us have a look at what people are saying about the remakes of the manga.

What Is The People’s Reaction?

People are not liking the part that Netflix will produce an anime of the manga. Many fans feel that anime made out of old manga are more of a binge dump rather than a truly understandable form. They believe that there are always some exceptions. Many fans are disappointed and feel that Ooku is better in its original form and does not need any renewal or any anime version. This anime is said to be receiving an average response from the audience. The manga version of Ooku is loved by all. They love the manga and mention that it has been penned down beautifully, but the anime version is not expected much. However, some fans are neutral while others are also supporting the manga. This was a little review and reaction from fans. Let us conclude the above.


The series has been liked by some while others are not supporting the anime form. They love the manga version. According to them, this manga is written in a good way, but should not be made into an anime. The fans liked the Ooku and its story. The best thing is its storyline. The new episodes of the anime are streaming online. The reaction has been shared above. This was all about Ooku The Inner Chambers review and other details. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. Stay tuned for more information.


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