As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the most recent development of the Oshi no Ko manga has drawn the attention of the Internet community on social networks. It turns out that Ruby Hoshino has become a potential love interest for Aqua Hoshino, her brother, now that they both know that they met in their past lives. While romance is already seen in this story, certainly the romance between blood brothers is something rarely seen even in the most popular romantic comedies recently.

Oshi no Ko

However, while this development has taken the community of fans of the franchise by surprise, a group has also emerged that totally detests this type of intention on the part of the author Aka Akasaka. This group has reached such a point that they have even started harassing illustrator Mengo Yokoyari, who is drawing Oshi no Ko. The author shared an illustration made by a fan that included Aqua and Ruby, but that was enough to start criticizing her in the comments:

Despite the fact that most of the comments about this new plot are positive and show enthusiasm for the development of the story, it is the negative comments that are attracting attention. Some critics argue that romance between siblings is a taboo subject that should not be covered in an entertainment work, especially aimed at a young audience.

It is important to note that the “Oshi no Ko” manga is a work of fiction that explores different aspects of human relationships and the complexities of love. The author has addressed sensitive issues in the past and has managed to generate discussion around them. However, sibling romance is considered a controversial territory and has generated mixed opinions.

Despite the criticism, it is important to mention that positive comments on social networks are significantly more numerous than negative ones. Many readers praised the way the author handles the subject and highlights the originality and realism of the characters. However, it’s the negative comments that often grab the spotlight due to his stance against sibling romance.

The controversy surrounding this aspect of the manga highlights the diversity of opinions and values ​​within the reader community. While some see the manga as breaking new ground and challenging convention, others see it as an inappropriate topic that could normalize incestuous relationships.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each reader to decide how to interpret and respond to the plots presented in the manga. The debates and discussions that arise from these controversies can also contribute to a deeper reflection on limits and representations in fiction.


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