Overgeared Chapter 154 Release Date, Time, and, Where to Watch: It seems like manga is currently ruling the anime industry. That is why one after another many new chapters of different manga is in the lineup for amusement. But it is not necessary that every time people read it for enjoyment sometimes they got emotionally attached to it and could not able to control themselves to wait for the next chapter to read it. Sometimes the number of chapters indicates how much people are crazy about it. “Overgeared” is one of the manga that completed more than 150 chapters and this time as well it is ready to release Chapter 154. It is obvious to get excited to know the spoilers let’s find out whether we have the spoilers for the next chapter or not.

Overgeared Chapter 154

Overgeared Chapter 154 Countdown

Overgeared Chapter 154 storyline of the series is really amazing and mind-blowing. The creators know how to hook the readers with it. The protagonist of the series is Shin Youngwoo also known as Grid who is an unlucky man in life as well as a low-level player in the famous VR game which title is “Satisfy” who discovers a powerful and strong item that gains him a rare legendary class title “Pagma’s Successor”. He is now a skilled blacksmith who can hammer out unique and special weapons and provide the most powerful gear in the game. Well, the storyline has progressed a lot so let’s find out the release date of the next chapter.

Release Date and Time of Overgeared Chapter 154

The wait is finally over for the fans who are getting desperate to read it. The new chapter 154 is ready to release on Sunday, 20th November 2022 which means only 4 days are left and after that, the readers will be able to read it. The timing of its release is 06:00 PM and it is available to read for international readers as well.

The upcoming chapter of Overgeared discloses the mystery behind the Expedition Team and Vampire City. Lauel is tensed prior to Expedition Team disappearing, but he realizes that Duke Greed has recreated or regenerated his powers and even if Duke Greed lost his life, he will again get revived. With this, the intense combat at the Vampire City never ends. The fighters realize they must need to protect Duke Greed until he receives the experience potion. On the other side, Jushika covers the back of Duke Greed. She even asks Regas to inform her of the situation which he faced. After that Regas observes something unusual and weird about Duke Greed.


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