Pokémon Journeys Episode 132 Release Date, Time, and Countdown: ‘Pokemon Journeys’ is the twenty-third season of the series of pokemon. Pokemon also called pocket monster is popular all over the world. It originated in Japan. The story is about Ash a boy who leaves the house with two more friends to catch pokemon. He wanted to be the pokemon master. Ash’s adventures are followed all around the world by Pokemon lovers. The anime ‘Pokemon Journeys’ is a super hit among teenagers and children. Everyone loves to watch it.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 132 Spoiler

Pokémon Journeys Episode 132 Spoiler

The most interesting and amazing thing is the Pokemon itself. The different powers that different Pokemon hold, make it more engaging and interesting to watch it. Not only in Japan but it is very popular in countries like India also and all around the world. The Pokemon journey’ has already released one hundred and thirty-one episodes to date. The popularity of the anime can be guessed by the number of episodes released. Episode number one hundred and thirty-two is also on its way to be released in the coming week.


When will ‘Pokemon Journey’ Episode 132 be release?

The episode will release on 11th November 2022, Friday. The Title for the episode will be ‘The Final IV’. The final timing for the same is not yet declared. It will be updated by us as soon as it will be available. The time may vary according to the different time zones. Every episode will release on their particular dates except for any delays.

Where you can watch ‘Pokemon Journey’ Episode 132?

You can watch it on Netflix. It is the only place to watch it in the west. But you cannot watch it immediately on Netflix after the release because Netflix does not update it regularly. So you have to wait for watching the episodes until they are available. It will also be available on the local networks of Japan.

Anime is generally the best way to reach a wider audience and with the coming of the digital era, it is becoming more popular and easy to get access. Today you can watch any anime with a minimum subscription and many are available to watch even free of cost.

Many Pokemon fans have created a fan page for a pokemon journey across different social media platforms. The love for anime is real. There are also many games based on pokemon. It will be fun to see what the new episodes of the anime bring for the viewers and where this story takes its route.


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