Pokemon Journeys Episode 133 Release Date, Time, and, Where to Watch: There are many favorite series to watch but still, we go only those which we want to watch. We all have a list of the series which are always our first preference to watch and “Pokemon Journeys” is one of those series. We still remembered how much we used to wait to watch it but these days it is easily available to watch and all the credits go to OTT platforms. As of now, this series has completed 132 episodes, and now it is time to watch the next episode of it. Most of you want to know the release date of it but this time we are sharing the spoilers of it.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 133

Pokemon Journeys Episode 133 Release Date and Time

As per the reports, the upcoming Pokemon Journeys Episode 133 is ready to be telecast in the country of Japan on Friday, 25th November 2022 after a break of an entire week. Now the preview of the episode has been issued and the title of it is “Project Mew”. After watching the preview admirers got tensed. Rumors are coming out stating that it will be ending soon. However, there are no asserted details about the future of the series is out and those who have not watched the preview must be thinking about it.


According to the preview or the speculation of the series, the 133rd episode of PJ will likely get faster and end the Project Mew arc. Several admirers have shown their dissatisfaction and disappointment with the unusual placement of the episode, asserting that it should have been telecasted prior to episode 132 being launched. The fact is that it is a filter episode that is created solely to detract from the adventure of the previous episode. In the last episode, the watchers watched the main hero of the series Ash, conquer Leon and bagged the title of World Chapter.

He waited for this moment for 25 years and finally, he won the title and became the World Champion which he always want to be. Apart from that, admirers are sad or disconcerted that the Regigigas fight, which was teased at the start of the season, will be not showing. The fans are worried and speculating that this anime is coming to an end which means this is the final time admirers will be watching Ash. In order to give the similarities between the 1st and the last episodes of the titles of Pokemon anime, it is likely that the arc of Ash as the hero will finish with the last episode 135 and the title will be “Pokemon, I’m Glad I Chose You.” Well just wait for it before that watch these episodes of the series.


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