Pokémon the Series: XY Anime’s Hindi Dubbed Streams on YouTube For Free: Who has seen the anime series Pokemon? We are sure every kid watched it and these series hold a very special place in our hearts, particularly in the hearts of 90s kids. The popularity of the show is already known to us as many animated games have been developed on this such as “Pokemon Go” which is also quite popular amongst gamers. Not only in Japan this anime series is popular all over the world. Now we have happy news for Indian fans who still love to watch this anime. To know about it just keep on scrolling through this blog to catch all the details.

Pokémon the Series XY Anime's Hindi Dubbed

Pokémon the Series XY Anime’s Hindi Dubbed

As per the latest report, A Youtube channel for Pokemon Asia which is in the Hindi language started airing the Hindi dub for the series title “Pokemon the Series: XY (Pocket Monsters XY) anime on Friday, 30th September 2022. Those who are already watching it know about it, but for those who are not aware of it let us clarify that the channel already telecasted the 3rd episode of the series on Friday, 14th October 2022 and the channel is already streaming 1 episode every week on the same day.

This anime earlier streamed in the country of Japan in the month of October 2013. In the month of March 2021, Marvel HQ started telecasting the Hindi dub of this fantastic anime and people love to watch it. Not only kids but adults also enjoy watching it. The English-language Youtube Channel for Pokemon Asia started telecasting the anime in the month of April 2021. Obviously, the storyline of this series is not new to us but still are sharing the details below.

In further addition to it, Viz Media distributes the series on Digital versatile disc (DVD) and explains the series as: “Ash and Pikachu begin their epic and wonderful voyage in the next thrilling and exciting season of the popular series title “Pokemon the Series: XY!” As usual, Ash resumes his quest in order to triumph 8 Gym badges so he can get entry into the Kalos League, Ash and his traveling partners will make new plasma to falsify new antagonisms, and how we can forget in his journey he will encounter with some brand new and latest Pokemon!

“Fennekin along with his partner Serena, and new pal Pancham, will engage the Pokemon Showcase World: not only this Clemont will as usual resume to make new inventions and we are hoping that some are mind-blowing and Bonnie, as usual, will attempt to discover anyone who will look after of her big sibling!. The Pokemon Y and Pokemon X games were introduced throughout the world in the month of October 2013. So what are you waiting for just go and watch it?


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