Quest Supremacy Chapter 60 Release Date, Time, Where to Read: Not only the Japanese but Korean entertainment industry also knows how to impress the audience. Not only web series but they are ruling on webtoons as well. That is why people throughout the world always show their interest in reading and watching the content of this country. At present, the webtoon “Quest Supremacy” is impressing the audience who waits every week to read the upcoming chapter of the series. There are many people who want to know more about this webtoon and we are always concerned about the choice of reading of our readers and that is why we are present here with the details.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 60

Quest Supremacy Chapter 60 Spoiler

This webtoon was penned by YuNuni which is a PTJ cartoon firm Academy and the illustrator of it is TAEWAN. Quest Supremacy is serialized on WEBTOON. The genre of this series is Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Fantasy, and drama. This series is published by Naver and is also available to read on LINE Webtoon for international readers who want to read it in the English language. Now, the next which is quite important to know is its summary so those who are planning to read it and want some details before investing their time, need to scroll down.

Summary Of Quest Supremacy

The series is about Suhyeon Kim who loves to play games and it is obvious that he loves to spend most of his time playing games due to that, he does not like to go to school and also has not interested in his studies. Due to this, he faces a lot of bullying from the side of fellow mates who always troubled him and make fun of him and this directed him to want his life to be more like a game such as RPG quest games which he used to play.

But one day his wish of Suhyeon was completed and he was granted when a quest prompt comes up in his actual life with an easy chase and an alluring reward. He decides to play this game as there is nothing to lose he takes the chance and began to play and when he begins to play one after another quest came in his way… We are stopping here and advising our readers to watch it.

Release Date And Time Of Quest Supremacy Chapter 60

As of now, the series has completed around 59 chapters and making us search for the release date of the 60th Chapter. Well, this time as well the author has not shared the release date but we personally feel that the author already set a day every week in which the publisher releases the chapter. This time as well the new chapter will release on Monday, 14th November 2022, at around 12:00 AM JST. The rest of the timing of the release of the chapter is the same.


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