Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date and Time, When Is It Coming Out?: The title of any series really matters a lot as the main attraction is based on it. Most of the time the title depicts the story and the theme of the entire show. But sometimes it is tricky to understand it such as the title “Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui” is hard to decode and that is why we are looking to understand it. However, those who currently watching this series are already familiar with the storyline and what is the series whole about.

Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui Season 1 Episode 5

Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui Season 1 Episode 5 Spoiler

But there are some people just like us who don’t know about it and that is why we have decided to share it with our lovely readers who don’t know about it but can get the idea. It is the 1st season of the series which was constructed under the direction of Nagumo Seiichi and Sugawara Shintaro. The storyline of the series covers 3 main genres which include Supernatural, Mystery, and Fantasy.

Those who want the trailer can watch it on Youtube and other social media websites. As of now, this series got 7.7 ratings which means most people are liking it and some are not liking it. This series is the adaptation of the novel title “Medium: Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui” which was written by Aizawa Sako. The 1st season of the series already released 4 episodes and now it is time to know the storyline before moving the release date to 5th episode.

Storyline Of Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui

The story of the series revolves around Jozuka Hisui who has a special power or ability that permits her to recognize individuals who committed heinous crimes such as homicide not only this but she can also hear the voice of spirits moving around her. She always wanted to help the people but was scared to tell them as no one can believe this thing. She knows this thing the police or the court will never use her ability as a piece of legal evidence.

It is quite hearing fascinating but due to her special abilities or powers, she is forced to lead a sole life. One day Jozuka Hisui encounters a mystery writer named Kogetsu Shiro, who aids the cops to solve the murder cases. Now she tells her truth to the writer, both paired the team and decide to work together but it is not easy for them to deal with it. Now it’s time to know the release date but to know that you need to scroll down.

Release Date of The 5th Episode Of Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui Season 1

As per the reports, the 5th episode of the series is planned to release on Sunday, 13th November 2022 which means only 3 days are left and people are enjoying it. The duration of each episode is 55 min and it is available to watch on NTV. It is better to start the series from the 1st part so that you can understand the storyline.


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