Anime: Renai Flops (Love Flops): Wiki, Manga Online, Characters: What is the best thing which pulls people towards animals and that is its characters and the storyline? Despite knowing that it is an imaginary concept but still it knows how to hold the interest of the people towards its storyline. No doubt Japan is using advanced technology which is inspiring other countries to create such series but no country can match the level of Japanese anime web series. Let’s talk about one of the most famous anime series which is “Love Flops”. In the list of MyAnimeList, this series is holding the top position and people are getting attracted to it.

Renai Flops

Renai Flops (Love Flops) Wiki

The poster of the series is also pulling our attention which depicts 4-5 girls who are probably in high school and looking cute and adorable as well. The teaser of the series is also available on MyAnimeList and interested people can watch it. The teaser is in the Japanese language along with the subtitles which are in English. Its teaser develops the interest of people who are now looking to know more details about this series including its synopsis and release date. Before talking about the release date let’s have a look at its synopsis.

Renai Flops (Love Flops) Manga Online

As we already made clear that this series is based on the lives of high school students. The series begins with a character named Asahi Kashiwagi who is living a common life usually an average student of high school living but one day his life changes after the prediction of the TV fortune teller comes true one by one. The destiny of Asahi draws 5 adorable girls into his path and soon he discovered fielding not 1 but 5 confessions of love. With this confession, he bit too confused about whom to choose and find his perfect life partner and he needs to do it soon other his love luck will maybe finish in 1 big flop which he surely doesn’t want. Now it will really be fascinating to watch whom he chooses or he got failed.

Renai Flops (Love Flops) Release Date

As per the reports, the original anime is ready to launch on Wednesday, 12th October 2022 in the country of Japan. The reports suggested that 1st two episodes of the series were screened on 25th September 2022 at EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku. The makers of the series planned to release it on Japanese OTT platforms and different broadcasting channels. Though the reports suggested that TV Aichi will telecast this original anime on Monday, 17th October 2022.

Renai Flops (Love Flops) Characters & Cast 

  • Ryouta Oosaka plays the role of Asahi in this anime
  • Miku Itou plays the role of Aoi Mizumisawa in this anime
  • Ayana Taketatsu plays the role of Amelia Irving in this anime
  • Rie Takahashi plays the role of Ilya Ilyukhin in this anime
  • Hisako Kanemoto plays the role of Bai Mongfa in this anime
  • Marika Kouno plays the role of Karin Istel in this anime
  • Jun Fukuyama plays the role of Yoshio Ijuin in this anime


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