Seven Seas Entertainment publishes Berserk of Gluttony Fantasy Light Novels Get Anime: One more light novel is ready to get the anime version. The announcement has been made on Friday, 28th October 2022 that Ichika Isshiki and “Berserk of Gluttony” fame light novel series is stimulating an anime. However, the announcement did not disclose a debut date or format for the anime. The illustrator fame of novels drew the illustration to commemorate the announcement of the anime which is mentioned in this blog. This illustration has increased the interest of the people who are very excited watching it on the screens and now they are looking to know more details about it.

Berserk of Gluttony Fantasy Light Novels

The publication firm “Seven Seas Entertainment” is launching both the manga adaptation and novel series in the English language and it explains the tale of the series. It explained as “Fate Graphite is one of the abandoned. Cursed and unholy with the skill of “Gluttony”, he is ever craving, never said…until the day he assassinates a dying robber and eats hungrily the strength of the man and his soul. The true and right hunger of Gluttony of Fate has woken up, and if he can get to know and learn how to control his own power, at last, he will be the master of his own fate and destiny.”

The readers really enjoy the novels and after launching the tale on the Shosetsuka in Naro service, Isshiki introduced the 1st novel volume along with the illustrations by fame in the month of November 2017 and the 8th volume carried on Friday. The publishing firm issued the 7th volume in the English language on 11th October 2022. Apart from it, Micro Magazine is also launching the novel in a big and wider bunko format. In the month of October 2021, the 1st bunko volume was carried and the 4th volume was carried on 20th June.

Apart from it, Daisuke Takino introduced the manga on the Comic Ride website of Micro Magazine in the month of April 2018. The 9th compiled book volume of the manga will carry in the country of Japan on 31st October 2022. The 6th volume of the series was released on 12th July by the publishing firm. Now after winning the heart of the readers, the makers are ready to win the heart of the watchers and even the readers are looking excited to watch it on screens. As we mentioned above, the debut date of the series is not known and it is also known who will direct the series and the star cast details are also not out yet.


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