Sgt. Frog Anime Released In India on Sony Yay Channel: We all know that anime is not only popular in Japan but also in throughout the world. Particularly, Indians love to watch anime series such as Shinchan and Doremon. Not only kids but adults also spent most of their time watching it. Now they will get a new anime to watch which will surely entertain them. On Thursday, 27th October 2022, Sony Pictures Networks India declared that it will telecast the Sgt. Frog anime on Sony Yay. It will be part of the new slate of Television programming and people are really excited to watch it and they are keen to know more details about it and what is the story about.

Sgt. Frog

According to the reports, this anime series is based on Sgt. Frog manga created by Mine Yoshizaki ran from the year 2004 to the year 2011, and it begets 5 feature movies. The anime version of this series was released by Discotek Media in North America and telecasted on Blu-ray Disc and explains the storyline of the series, The story is based on the anime character who looks like Frog and he is a Sergent Keroro and his unit sent to the planet Earth to enquire into an invasion but after a catastrophe, they are discarded by the main force.

After that, he was taken in by a moderate and average teen named Fuyuki Hinata and Natsumi, the big sister of Fuyuki who has bossy nature. However, the plans for another aggression tried to proceed, Sarge soon get settles into the new lifestyle and rhythm of the latest, modern and new Tokyo and he gets very much fond of anime and gets addicted to it and creating models which are made of plastics. In the meantime, the Hinata whole household gets backward.

Now after winning the hearts of Japanese readers or watchers, the series is ready to win the hearts of Indians and they are excited to watch it. Even the makers are expecting that the Indian audience will shower immense love on it and not only kids but adults are also looking forward to watching it. Tokyopop which is an American manga publisher earlier launched 20 volumes of real and original manga which are available in the English language read.

At present, Sony Yay telecasts anime for children such as Robotan and Obocchama-Kun. The channel started telecasting the Naruto anime on the 15th of August 2022. Now children will get a new anime to watch and they will surely like it and shower immense love. As of now, we just only have this many details but we will be soon back. Till then be with us.


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