Spy Classroom Anime’s Character Sibylla Video Highlights Released On YouTube: The best part of the Japanese Television Industry is that they always focused on the quality of the content rather than showing any kind of stupid thing. Even though they largely show fictional and sci-fi shows but they seem real and that is why every age people love to watch them. Now to make fans happier, on Friday, Kadokawa disclosed a character video for the TV anime adaptation of “Spy Classroom” of the Takemachi light novel series. This video is particularly aimed at the character whose name is Sibylla. Not only this Kadokawa also disclosed a new visual for this beautiful character.


Not only this the firm also disclosed a video of the new character and visual and according to the reports the firm will share the video and visual of the new character for constant 4 weeks and it will release every week. Before sharing the video of the character Sibylla, the firm earlier shares videos aimed at Grete and Lily. The main cast member of the show are reprising their roles which were shown in earlier promotional videos and their names are mentioned below along with the names of voice actors:-

  • Sora Amamiya gives her voice to the character named Lily
  • Tomori Kusunoki gives her voice to the character named Annett
  • Miku Ito gives her voice to the character named Grete
  • Ayane Sakura gives her voice to the character named Sara
  • Yuichiro Umehara gives his voice to the character named Klaus
  • Aoi Yuki gives her voice to the character named Monika
  • Nao Toyama gives her voice to the character named Sibylla
  • Sumire Uesaka gives her voice to the character named Thea

The anime is created in the studio named feel and the direction of this anime is in the hands of Keiichiro Kawaguchi. Shinichi is handling the position of the supervisor of the series of scripts. The designer of the characters is in the hands of Sumie Kinoshita. This light novel is published by Yen Press and the manga adaption of this series is also available in English to read by international viewers who explain the storyline of the series.

After a shattered military altercation, countries or nations battle their battles in the shadows. One amazing spy named Klaus has never failed on the job in the spite of his quirks and he is creating a team in order to take them on a tough and Impossible Mission in this mission the chances of winning are only 10%. Though the team he formed has no such practical experience and it will be interesting to watch which mission he is taking them and how they will complete it.


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