Syndualty: Noir Anime has announced 2 new cast members. People are curious to know more about the new caste members. Who is added as a new cast? You will get complete details about Synduality: Noir Anime in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Synduality Noir

Synduality: Noir New Cast

Synduality: Noir is a well-known anime. It is produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bandai Namco Filmworks, and Bandai Spirits. The website of Synduality: Noir has announced new cast members and characters in anime. It was announced on Tuesday. The two new characters will be announced in the next episode. There have been 3 episodes released already. The fourth one will be released soon which will have Ryoka Yuzuki as Drifter Claudia and Marika Kono as Claudia’s Magus. They have posted a preview on their YouTube Channel.

Synduality: Noir Episode 4 Preview:

Synduality: Noir episode 4 preview has been released. If you have not watched the video yet, you must watch it below:



More Details About Synduality: Noir:

Synduality Noir anime premiered on 10th July. The anime started this month only. It release on Disney+. It is available in Japan. The game is futuristic and based on the 2222 year. It will be 20 years ahead in 2242 in the anime. People are curious to know more about the cast of the anime. Let us have more details about the cast of the Synduality: Noir cast.

Who Are Cast Members Of Synduality: Noir?

The cast members of Synduality: Noir are as follows:

Takeo Otsuka is playing as Kanata, Aoi Kaga is playing Noir, Nagisa Aoyama is playing as Ciel, Yusuke Kobayashi is playing as Tokio, Fuminori Komatsu is playing Mouton, Konomi Inagaki is playing Ellie, Ayaka Ohashi is playing as Ange, Taito Ban is playing as Kurokamen, MAO is playing Schnee, Daisuke Sakaguchi is playing Michael, Daiki Hamano is playing Bob, Miku Ito is playing Maria.

The staff members of Synduality are:

Yusuke Yamamoto as the director, Hajime Kamoshida as the concept writer, Takashi Aoshima supervising the scripts, Kenchiro Katsura is taking care of the designs, Ko Inaba is taking care of the production, Kazutaka Miyatake is taking care of Legendary Design, Music is given by Masato Nakayama, and 8 Bit has produced the animation. Enjoy the preview of the Synduality Noir above. This was all about Synduality: Noir story. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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