Who is the dubbing cast for TenPuru? The fans are curious to know about the voices of these characters. This article will share every detail about the voice artist of TenPuru. Keep reading for more information.


Who Are The Cast Members Of TenPuru?

The cast members of TenPuru are as follows:

Bradley Gareth is the voice of Akemitsu, Kelly Greenshield is the voice of Yuzuki, Molly Zhang is the voice of Tsukuyo, Monet Lerner is the voice of Kiki, Celeste Perez is the voice of Kagura, Morgan Lea is the voice of Kurage, Monica Rial is the Nyagosuke, Marianne Bray is the Mia, Monica Rial is the voice of Akemitsu’s young version, Kent Williams is the voice of Harukaze. Let us have more details about the anime TenPuru.

Where Does TenPuru Be Released?

TenPuru is a well-known anime and will release on TOKYO MX and BS11 channels. If you are streaming from outside Japan, you can stream it on Crunchyroll. The TenPuru episodes are all the best. They are appreciated by the fans. The best thing is that the storyline is having all that is needed by the fans. The show is superhit and people are eager for the release. TenPuru is a hit show. Let us have more details about the plot of TenPuru.

Plot Of TenPuru:

TenPuru is a story of a young guy named Akemitsu. He was left behind by his father. He wanted to prove his father wrong that men cannot live alone. He decided to live single. He meets a woman. He was fully into that woman. He gets to know that the world gives you a lot of cravings. He took the path of a monk. When he gets to the temple, he came to know that there are a lot of women in the temple. There was also the woman in the temple whom she likes. Let us conclude the above.


TenPuru is a well-known series. people are curious to know more about the cast of Tenpuru. All the cast members are Bradley Gareth, Kelly Greenshield, Molly Zhang, Monet Lerner, Celeste Perez, Morgan Lea, Monica Rial, Marianne Bray, Monica Rial, and Kent Williams. We will update you more about TenPuru. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. This was all about the TenPuru cast and their roles. Stay tuned for more details on our website animeepisode.


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