The ANN Aftershow is the new episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. The new episode of Season 2 had amazing animation, fight scenes, and a cliffhanger. This article will share every detail about The ANN Aftershow in tis article. keep reading for more information.

The ANN Aftershow

The ANN AfterShow

The ANN Aftershow is also available on YouTube. Other apps where The ANN Aftershow will release are Facebook and Twitter. There is an audio version or we can say, a Podcast version of The ANN Aftershow available. Let us have more details about the podcast timings.

When Will The ANN Aftershow Be Released?

The ANN Aftershow will release in Podcast form on Friday. The timing for the release will be 6 pm Pacific Time and 9 pm Eastern Time. It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music. It is a part of the BLEAV Network. The series is given by Lynzee Loveridge and James Beckett.

Who Are the Hosts Of The ANN Aftershow?

Lynzee Loveridge:

We saw that Lynzee Loveridge has all details about the number and the viewers of the anime. She mentions her own perspectives and also listens to her team. She is enjoying her life and lives like any other normal girl outside her work the office. Let us have details about the next host who is James Beckett.

James Beckett:

James is also the reviewer of the story who expresses him openly. He never steps back to make every impression that he wants to convey in his story clearer. He has done reviews of the hit series. Let us move to our next host who is Jacki Jing.

Jacki Jing:

Jacki Jing is the video producer of The ANN and also a fangirl. She likes to binge-watch the royale series. She watches the streams on Twitch. She hosts events and conducts interview with voice actors. People are curious to watch the video of The ANN Aftershow.

Where To Watch The New Video Of The ANN Aftershow?

You can watch the video of The ANN Aftershow:



Let us conclude the above.


The ANN Aftershow has three main hosts, Lynzee Loveridge, James Beckett, and Jacki Jing. Its releases on different platforms. It will also release as a podcast on Spotify and Apple Music. It also streams on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This was all about The ANN Aftershow release date. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information.


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