The ANN Aftershow is back with its hosts. This article will share every detail about the hosts of The ANN Aftershow. Keep reading for more information.

The ANN Aftershow Hosts

The ANN Aftershow

James and Lynzee have discussed the new episode release. They have shared the fights and cliffhangers. They also talked about the new anime by the name, Cowboy BeBop’s Shinichiro Watanabe. You can also watch it on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter spaces. It release on Friday at 6 pm Pacific Time and 9 pm Eastern Time. This is also available to watch on Spotify and Apple Music. Let us have details about the hosts of The ANN Aftershow.

Who Are The Hosts Of The ANN Aftershow?

The hosts of The ANN Aftershow are as follows:

Lynzee Loveridge: She is in a position that knows everything about the views and critics of the ANN Aftershow She also gives reviews about the new seasons. She also reads from the reviews from the staff. She is a girl who lives her life completely outside work. She is dedicated to her work. Let us have details about our next host, James Beckett.

James Beckett: James is also the reviewer of the series. If there is a chance to express himself and how he feels about a particular series, he will never become shy. He is open to expressing himself. He has shared his reviews about the series in the preview guide. He has reviewed several hit anime. Let us have more details about the next host, Jacki Jing.

Jacki Jing: Jacki is the main video producer. She often binge watches the shonen battle royale series. She is often available on Twitch. She has taken interviews with voice actors. The network is BLEAV. People are curious to know more about the release of the video.

The Video Of The ANN Aftershow:

You can watch the video of The ANN Aftershow below:




Let us conclude the above.


The ANN Aftershow new video has been released. We shared the video above. There were 3 hosts that we shared about. They are Lynzee Loveridge, James Beckett, and Jacki Jing. They all review differents series and also video producers. There are also some t-shirts launched by them. They are available at BLEAV Store. This was all about The ANN Aftershow hosts. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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