The Elusive Samurai Chapter 88 Release Date, Time, and, Where To Read: Your wait is over! Those who are desperately waiting to know the release date of the upcoming chapter of “The Elusive Samurai“. Manga has brought a revolution in the world of comics and given a new direction which shows that reading is actually fun and it has many genres which are enough to impress and hold the interest of the people. This series is highly liked by readers and not in Japan but the entire world loves to read it. This series released its first chapter on 25th January 2021 and as expected highly liked by the people and they really enjoyed it.

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 88

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 88 Countdown

The Elusive Samurai Chapter 88: This series knows how to hold the emotions of the readers and takes them along with the storyline. After successfully winning the hearts of the people with 87 chapters, it is time to know the release date of the upcoming chapter. And we are sure that readers will love it and appreciates their immense love for it. This wonderful manga series has never failed to keep its fans on that edge while also keeping them to get desperate to read the next chapter. Now without wasting further time let’s find out its release date of it.

Release Date And Time Of Chapter 88 Of The Elusive Samurai

The fans do not need to wait as only a week is left before the release of the upcoming chapter of the series. Admirers can get some relaxation after they got to know that the new chapter 88 of the series will be released on Sunday, 27th November 2022. The chapter will be released at 12:00 AM as per Japanese Standard Time (JST), for the United States the timing will be 11:00 AM, for the United Kingdom the timing will be 04:00 AM and for Indian readers, the timing will be 08:30 AM.

Prediction Of Chapter 88 Of Elusive Samurai

The main protagonist Elusive Samurai remembers the utilization of Hojo Tokiyuki who is the son of the head of the great clan, against the background of many real and actual incidents of feudal Japanese mythology. A competent samurai whose name is Ashikaga Takauji, kills the father of Hojo and himself make the leader of the clan. In order to get his rightful position as the head of the clan named Hojo Clan after losing his clan and entire family, he needs to become the part of forces along with a strange priest and 3 teen warriors who later on become his beneficiaries. The opponents of Hojo out skill and outnumber him, but he owns unique and special gifts.


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