The Eminence in Shadow Episode 3 Review: Fans Go Crazy: It is easy to find what we like to watch as there are many websites available that are sharing information about the latest projects, reviews of our favorite series, and other details which we usually want. In this blog, as well we share the details of thrilling, exciting details of anime, the upcoming projects, and reviews of it. There are many options to watch and that is why it is a bit confusing for watchers to know what to watch or not. So, let’s clear your confusion there is one such anime series that is currently telecasting which is “The Eminence in Shadow”.

the eminence in shadow episode 3 review

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 3 Review

This anime series started earlier this month and within 2-3 episodes the audience is already liking it which means those who want to watch something can try it. This series is not as long as you think as it only has 20 episodes and as of now, the series has released 3 episodes. People want to have reviews of these episodes as well as there are some people looking for the synopsis and other details of it. The series initially started on Wednesday, 5th October 2022, and every Wednesday it is releasing its new episode. Before talking about the reviews let’s have a look at the synopsis of the series.

This series is also the adaptation of manga series and it is about great heroes and devilish villains are the types of roles and characters that individuals long to be but not Cid Kagenou. This character is the true cunning mastermind behind it all, stretching the strings, his conspiracies are the main feature of the story. The movie is showing back and forth, in his previous life in present-day Japan, Cid failed to get his aim or desires fulfilled. Now after his rebirth into the globe of magic, he will view everyone as the true and right “Eminence of shadow!”.

As we already mentioned above the 1st 3 episodes of the series are already out and as expected it is getting really good reviews which are showing that the audience is loving it. The first episode of the series got 4 ratings and 2nd one got 4.5 and 3rd one is getting 4 ratings which is a clear sign that the audience is really enjoying it and showering their immense love on it. The 4th episode of the series will be telecasted on Wednesday, 26th October 2022, and the duration of each episode is 23 minutes. The timing of this series is 11:30 PM JST. The series is streaming on HIDIVE every week, so what are you waiting for just go and watch it.


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