The first Slam Dunk and Sand Land Anime to win awards at Fantasia International Film Festival. The fans are excited for knowing more about the awards. This article will share complete details about The First Slam Dunk and Sand Land Anime awards. Keep reading for more information.

the first slam dunk, sand land

Awards Won By The First Slam Dunk And Sand Land Anime

The first Slam Dunk anime has won the title of Best Animated Feature Film and Sand Land has won a special mention in Axis: Satoshi Kon Award For Excellence in Animation Category. This was the 27th Annual Fantasia International Film Festival. Sand Land won the special jury mention. This festival takes place from 20th July to 9th August. The jury for the awards is Nadim Zaidi, Aki Takabatake, and Arizona O Neil. There are many viewers who have not seen or read about any previous such existing material. The movie has been ranked number 1 in Japan on 3rd December. The movie made a box office collection of 12958080780 yen which is around 9.50 million dollars. There were 847000 tickets sold. It also was awarded the 46th Annual Japan Academy Film Prize. Toshiyuki Matsui is the producer of the movie.  Another award in the name of the movie is Eiga Engeki Bynka Kyokai’s 42nd Annual Fujimoto Awards. There was an English dub and English subtitles of the film released last Friday. The movie will stop running in there’s in Japan on 31st August. The movie on Sandland will be released in North America in 2024. The screening at Fantasia International Film Festival made it to the Canadian Premiere. There will be a film opening in Japan on the 18th of August. It will be available in IMAX, 4DX, and MX4D formats. Sandland Mnaga was initially released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This was the time period from May To August 2000. There was a compiled version of the manga published in November 2000. Let us conclude the above.


The First Slam Sunk and Sand Land are the anime that received the best anime award and Award for Excellence in Animation this year. They were awarded the Fantasia International Film Festival awards. The First Slam Dunk was awarded with best-animated feature film while Sand Land was awarded with a special mention in Axis: Satoshi Kon Awad For Excellence in Animation. This was all about The Furst Slam Dunk and Sand Land Award-winning. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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