The Gene Of AI has recently released episode 4. People are curious to know more about this episode and its story. This article will share complete details about The Gene Of AI Episode 4 review. Keep reading for more information.

The Gene Of AI Episode 4 Review.

The Gene Of AI

The Gene Of AI is a new story but is going in trend. This is the time when AI is going high and becoming more advanced. This is a short self-contained story. There were said to be 4 cases in the story of episode 4. The section is looking for an afterthought. There are 3 parables on the AI interaction with romance. There are current headlines on the reflection of these issues. the approach of Gene is not always thoughtful. In the first case, we saw that Risa is the silliest and closest of the capabilities. Risa and her friend, Reon, can definitely feed prompts to the AI clients. After they were prompted, the results were different. The dull anime is not able to lift this of Risa. Many are not satisfied with the art. The main thing to include is that this is not near to reality. Let us move to the second case. It is showing that there is a surrogate ai lover. Tis case takes it one step next. There is a VR girlfriend. She can behave like anyone. You can make anyone your girlfriend whom you like, the virtual reality girlfriend will behave like her. This is more of a thing that will boys use for jerking off. This was shown earlier also that AI can be fake but its impact will be real on the brain of the people. He will be a guy who is dumb and think with his lower brain. The story is only focusing on the males and forgets how this will affect o the girls as well who are used as their hologram girlfriends. This will definitely not be a good thing. How will one feel if their AI-based nude model version is roaming all over the internet? Not good for sure. This will have a bad impact on the minds of all. As one can think of no limit to harassing the other one. The third case is based on the complexity of the relationships and how one often is not able to improve them. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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