The Klutzy Witch Anime Film Reveals Cast and Characters: The craze of anime is not only in Japan but throughout the world. Youth loves to watch it and even motivate their friends to watch it. The main reason for the popularity of anime is its characters, thrill, and different kind of storylines. There are many anime series available on different platforms which shows the popularity of watching these series such as One Piece and so on. With each passing time, the makers are setting a new bar of competition. Now a new film is fully ready for the amusement of the watchers and the title of the new anime is “The Klutzy Witch”.

The Klutzy Witch

The Klutzy Witch Anime Film Cast

It is quite popular among children and due to this popularity, the makers decide to make a television series as earlier it was available in written format. Now the staff of the anime movie of TKW of Satoko Narita, the book series of the children disclosed the main cast of the movie, title, and also the 1st key visual on Monday, 10th October 2022. This revelation increased the interest of the watchers towards it and they desire to know each and every detail of it. Before talking about the star cast, we will first discuss the storyline.

The Overview Of The Klutzy Witch

As we already mentioned above this series was earlier written for kids but now the makers decide to make a film on this and the series of the book is set in an astonishing world that is full of wizards and witches. The tale of the book follows the klutzy trainee witch whose name is Fuka. One day she disintegrates the seal of the dark and evil witch who once almost tried to destroy the globe. Scroll down to know the star cast of the series.

The Main Star Cast of The Klutzy Witch

  • Manaka Iwami will be seen playing the character whose name is Karin (The childhood pal of Fuka)
  • Honoka Inoue will be seen playing the character named Fuka (The lead character)
  • Mutsumi Tamura will be seen playing the character whose name is Chitose (Another childhood friend of Fuka)


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