The Little Lies We All Tell Episode 2: Release Date, Time, Where to Watch, Countdown: Not only the storyline but the title of some series are also alluring which automatically pulled the attention of people such as “The Lies We All Tell“. Those who are already following the series know what the series is about but those who don’t know are getting attracted to it just by reading the name of the series and we are one of them. The name of the series pulled our attention and we start looking to know many details about it which we are sharing with our readers. This series is penned and illustrated by Madoka Kashihara who left no chance for the audience to avoid it.

The Little Lies We All Tell Episode 2 Preview

The anime television series of this manga adapted by Studio Flad launched in the month of October this year which means only a few episodes are streamed and we have plenty of time to cover it if you missed starting episodes to watch like us. The series currently constructing under the direction of Makoto Hoshino and the anime version is written by Megumi Shimizu. Only the 1st episode of the series was released today and now the fans want to know the release date of 2nd episode.

Release Date And Timing Of The 2nd Episode Of The Little Lies We All Tell

The first episode of the series streamed on Sunday, 16th October 2022 which means the 2nd episode will schedule to stream next week, Sunday, 23rd October 2022. The timing of the series is around 02:00 AM JST. We all know that the timing of the series depends on the time zones of the country which differ.

  • Pacific Time (PT): 10:00 AM, Saturday, 22nd October 2022
  • India Time (IST): 10:30 PM, Saturday, 22nd October 2022
  • Eastern Time (ET): 01:00 PM, Saturday, 22nd October 2022
  • Japan Time (JST): 02:00 AM, Sunday, 23rd October 2022

Storyline And Streaming Platform of The Little Lies We All Tell Episode 2

Again the story revolves around the school-going girls who are in their 2nd year and looks like ordinary one at first instance, but nobody knows that these girls are different from each other and have special ability, one is a space pilot, one has supernatural powers, one girl is a ninja sans a clan and one is actually a boy who wearing girl clothes. It seems like they are on a mission or maybe they want to live an ordinary life. What the series is actually about? To know that the readers need to watch it. The series is streaming on TV Asahi’s ANiMAZiNG and on ABC for a Japanese audience.


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