When it comes to different characters in the world of anime, whether it’s something we’ve seen or read, manga or anime, we always have characters that we really like, whether it’s because of their beautiful looks. Cast the role of the character in the story. to the things that send that character to your mind And on the contrary, when there’s a character you like, there’s also a character you don’t like. We often use the opposite reason for the characters we like when choosing those characters we don’t like. But most of our homes tend to look only at the characters that they like more. Picking or asking if there’s a character you don’t like may take some thought. The more anime and manga we like, the longer it takes to think. (Thai people rarely hate anyone) And if we ask you which character you dislike the most in the ‘Dragon Ball’ series, which one do you dislike, you probably won’t be able to figure it out. Then let’s see 8. Are the characters chosen by the Japanese people the same as you thought? We’re separating male and female characters that you don’t like to make it easier to choose. Let’s see if the characters that Japanese people don’t like and that we don’t like at home match what you think. If you’re ready, let’s see together.

Dragon Ball

Starting a female character in the ‘Dragon Ball’ series that people didn’t like the first time. is a beautiful girl with two personalities like Ranchi, a forgotten character in the story Because the teacher who drew it came out and confessed that when writing, he had forgotten this character in the latter part, so he didn’t see her appear. Fans of the Dragon Ball series who have been following the story since the first part will probably remember her because Ranji was one of the scene-stealing characters during that period. with the innocent cuteness when she has blue hair But when she sneezes, her hair color turns yellow. that comes with the brutality that conjures machine guns from unknown origins Plus, it comes with a frenzied, fierce, inconsiderate use of violence. By her origin, it started from Son Goku (Son Goku) was assigned a mission to find a beautiful girl on the island. Until he met Ranji with blue hair being attacked by the police. Goku had to help and bring him to the island of the old turtle. Since then, Ranji has been on the island ever since. before appearing again in the end of the series When Goku asks for power from the world to defeat Mabu (Buu), the reason why people don’t like Nong Ranji is because she is a good and bad person. In addition, the bad episodes are extremely bad, and the good episodes are too childishly naive. When it’s something that’s so extreme, people don’t take characters like this. And it’s good that she’s not in the latter story.

It can be said that there are both half-likers and half-dislikes. with a little girl character (Which she is no less now), which is the beginning of the legend of finding dragon balls like Bulma (Bulma), which probably doesn’t have to explain much because many people should know this character very well. in childhood, Bluma was classified as the heroine of the story Who is quite active in the ‘Dragon Ball’ series until the latter when Bluma begins to fall in love with the bad guy Vegeta (Vegeta), many people start to dislike this character. Because if you have watched the ‘Dragon Ball’ series from that time until ‘Dragon Ball Super’, the character Bulma has changed into a character who does extremely stupid things, starting from finding the dragon ball. To make myself look 5 years younger, when someone asked me why she didn’t ask me to look younger at all, she would be 5 years younger Jay Bluma said that if the child goes down too fast, others will gossip about it. Had plastic surgery and it didn’t look good. Making a wish like this would seem more suspicious. And the latest in the ‘Dragon Ball Super Super Hero’ sector. Bluma, we also pray for the buttocks to look a little firmer. Nonsense request form When it’s like this, many people don’t like this aunt character.

It can be called a disadvantage of the author’s professor. that you tend to change the character’s role from the original that was initially to be completely different until the viewers, the readers don’t like those characters One of them is Videl, the strongest girl, the daughter of the strongest man in the world. Mr. Satan (Mr. Satan), who without him would not be able to defeat the Demon Lord Bu. Wedel will debut as a strong girl who fights for her life and is subject to fight against bad guys without caring about her reputation like her father She will play a role when she asks Son Gohan to practice levitation. (Probably practicing releasing power balls as well) after that, Wedel himself married Mr. Gohan., after being charmed by the Saiyans, Videl changed from a fighter girl Become a sweet mother who doesn’t have much time to raise her children. because he had to be his father’s trainer and therefore gave the duty to stepfather like Piccolo (Piccolo) to raise grandchildren instead And with the role that has changed from front to back until the chapter fades, people don’t like this character.

Came to No. 1. The most disliked character in the ‘Dragon Ball series. The female side is none other than Auntie Chichi, Mr. Goku’s wife. When talking about the character of Gigi, many people will think of the aunt who scolds her husband and chases them to earn a living. Until Goku, we are a brave butler who has to run away from his wife and fight with other people on a regular basis. When I went to fight for fame, I didn’t have any money. When the injury returned, the person who had to take care of it was Gigi. Imagine if you had to find your wife complaining that you keep fighting and not making money into the house, having her go to work and earn money alone. Seeing a complaining face and using force against her husband Any butler would not like his wife to be like this. (If you don’t believe it, go ask the brave butlers.) But we also have to be fair to her as well. Gigi had to raise two children alone because her husband fell apart with his enemies. When her husband recovered, he continued to fight until Gigi sold all of her father’s possessions, who were cow demons. When it’s forbidden, I can’t say it because Goku doesn’t fight. Who will protect the world? But the hardest thing is to take your child to fight with you. Plus, my son is peaceful and doesn’t want to fight. When encountering something like this, it’s normal for anyone who doesn’t like to complain. Let me ask you back if you have a husband like this, don’t you complain?

Let’s jump to the male characters that people don’t like. Let’s start with the world’s strongest human beings. (Counting only the human world) to be none other than Lonza Kuririn (Krillin), a character who was originally created to be Goku’s main villain when he was a child. who studied with the old man together As the days go by, Kuririn is the person Goku loves the most. Love or hate when Kuririn is squeezed by Freezer (Frieza) explodes Goku became angry and turned into a Super Saiyan. Because Kuririn has died 1 time, can’t revive again. (Dragon Balls on Earth can only revive one person at a time), so it’s not unusual for Goku to be angry. From the first episode to the latest episode, Kuririn is a character that people shouldn’t hate. But he came on the list of characters that people didn’t like. because Gaedan has a beautiful wife like Modified Human No. 18 (Android 18) At first, no one thought that Mr. Hua Meng and a beautiful girl like No. 18 would like each other until we later learned that the type of young man No. 18 liked was a bald man.

If a character is ranked as a sandbag in an anime manga series, Our sister Vegeta must be on the list for sure. Because since you appeared like a bad guy when he came to invade the world From then on, our Pee Bee often straddled. It started out as a bag of sand for Freezer to pump over and over and into a shoe for humans to modify. Is a supporting factor for Cell (Call) to stomp until reaching the Demon Lord Bu who invested in his own bomb still loses and came as a delayed sandbag for Goku to consolidate power at the end of the story. When coming to the ‘Dragon Ball Super sector, Bae, we still tend to be crushed all the time. That’s not where the audience hates this character. But what people dislike about Vegeta is that he has transformed from someone who is extremely arrogant in his own fighter’s dignity, to the one who is willing to break and not bend. But when I have a daughter, I change to a kind father and playful. And there was one time that Papa Be didn’t go to fight in the battle of 12 universes because Bluma was about to give birth and had to stay with her wife. Your type is a Saiyan Star Prince who is crazy about fighting and training. come back to worry about my wife When meeting like this, viewers, readers, manga, anime, so don’t like me. Bring back the mad Father Vegeta as our sandbag.

I believe that many people when they see a white-haired male character in a red dress like Jeice (Jeice), also known as Jess or Jissu, many people will definitely be confused about who this guy is in the series. When is ‘Dragon Ball’ because your brother has a chapter that is so bland that many people can’t even remember where he went in the story? For those who don’t know the character, this red man is one of the 5 special forces ‘Ginyu Force’, according to the story, this unit has a total of 6 people, plus they are women, but Mrs. Tui first appears in the story. Jeez himself will appear in a very cool way and looks very good, but until then, until he survived, since the elder appeared the elder Gaetui, we did not see his skill at all, as for the other people in the team ‘Ginyu Force ‘ Then we saw that everyone was as good as being in this unit. Except for this guy who doesn’t have any cat talent show. Plus a bad habit, a good mouth, playing with the person behind him, and doing everything to win. But we don’t see any of those roles in the story. Instead of hating him, he would have more pity for this character.

Came to 1st place, the most disliked character in the ‘Dragon Ball’ series that many people would have guessed wrong. Of course, Mr. Pig Uron (Oolong) is the character that people dislike the most in the story. Before going there, let’s get to know this pig first. Uron appears at the beginning of the story, where Uron uses shapeshifting to invade the village until being defeated by our Goku. (Don’t call it subjugation, it’s called doing it yourself.) Since then, Kae has been a character, teammate (bolt) until now. And the reason people don’t like this character is because of your obscenity. That is not lost to our old man (Old man, lewd, horny, meets a woman who will jump on her flesh to body As for Uron, it’s just porn. Seeing a beautiful girl will have eyes as a heart) with the role in the beginning that people don’t like very much. What Uron asked for was a beautiful girl’s underwear that had just been put on just jokingly asking for underwear (we know the dragon god also gave us women’s underwear). The chapter is gradually finished, but every time it comes out, your brother always shows obscenity. So people don’t like this Mr. Pig.

It’s over with the characters that Japanese people dislike the most in the ‘Dragon Ball series. Modified human number 18, who at first Jae Gae came in a bad shape. Being a dangerous person, pushing Ba Bae and everyone to lie down on the floor easily. After that, he was a victim of the Celestial War. After the end of the war, Mr. Mengje became his wife, and changed to a young woman who did everything for money, not fighting with anyone. As for the male character, the 5th most disliked person is the three-eyed elder Ten Shinhan (Tien Shinhan), whose chapter starts with a villain rival Goku until the role begins to fade. and came to exist again in the cell battle a little bit Come out again and have to fight 12 universes in ‘Super’. Those are the top disliked characters in the ‘Dragon Ball series. As for the next time, what story from any manga anime will be followed at the showdown? Because we have a lot of fun, weird stories for you to read. Guaranteed that you won’t be bored for sure. Follow it now.


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