To Your Eternity Manga

To Your Eternity Manga Ending Explained: 2nd Arc, 3rd Arc on January 25

To Your Eternity Manga Ending Explained: 2nd Arc, 3rd Arc on January 25: Apart from watching there are many people are there who love to read manga series. And after the success of the manga version, the makers usually decide to make the series in the anime version. At present, the readers are investing their time in reading “To Your Eternity”. According to the reports, the 2nd Arc of this manga will end by this year and the 3rd Arc starts next year. The 47th issue of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” of Kodansha published the last chapter of “To Your Eternity” of Yoshitoki Oima the 2nd arc this year, on Wednesday, 19th October 2022.

To Your Eternity Manga

The issue also disclosed that the 3rd arc will start in the 8th issue of 2023 of the magazine on Wednesday, 25th January 2023. Don’t worry international readers this manga is also available in English to read. At present, Kodansha USA Publishing is launching this manga in the English language and also explaining the story which reads that “A completely new and latest manga from the maker of the acclaimed and hit creator of “A Silent Voice”, featuring emotional and intimate drama and an epic tale spanning space and time…

An alone body roving the Arctic regions of the continent of North America encounters a world and both became fast and good pals. Both are relying on each other in order to survive the harsh and tough environment. But there is a twist in the story that the boy has some kind of history and the wolf is above than meets the eye as well. The title of the manga “To Your Eternity” is really and totally different, unique, wonderful moving manga that is about the nature of love, death, reincarnation, and life.

International viewers don’t need to worry, as streaming service Crunchyroll is launching the manga in the English language throughout the world, apparently with its release in the Japanese language. This manga initially launched in the month of November 2016 and was available to read in Weekly Shonen Magazine but it was in Japanese language and only Crunchyroll is launching in English. The 1st arc of the manga finished in the month of December 2019, and the 2nd arc of this manga was released in the month of January 2020.

Due to its heart-touching and wonderful storytelling, this manga triumphed in the award of Best Shonen Manga in the month of May 2019. This manga is motivating a television anime the 1st season launched in the month of April last year and the 2nd season will be planned to launch this month on Sunday, 23rd October 2022.


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