Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Reddit Spoilers Raw: Release Date, Time, and, More!: Tokyo revengers is a popular anime. Izumi Takahashi is the writer of the anime. The story starts with a guy, who suddenly gets the power to go 12 years back in his life to change it. Warner Bros is the production house. As the guy goes back, unlike avengers, there won’t be two same persons at a time. He will remember everything about his future. The story sounds somewhat unrealistic. The time travel is still a great plot for the story, but if we look at the main character, all he does after knowing everything is to stand and watch.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Reddit Spoilers Raw

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Reddit Spoilers Raw

Takemichi is a 26-year-old guy. He knows about his ex-girlfriend, Hinata, that Tokyo Manji Gang will kill both Hinata and her brother Naoto. When he teleports, He meets her brother and tells him about their death. They shake hands and he comes back to the present. The animation quality varies. In some scenes, there is only basic animation. In the fighting scenes, it is a quality piece. The music is very well.

He wants to save his ex-girlfriend’s life. Time travel in the story makes it more interesting. People like anime. Everybody wants more episodes. It shows that he thinks a lot before he takes any decision. There is a lot of manipulation in the story. In America, it is not creating much money for the studio because many scenes are changed. It takes away the real fun of the story.

There are Two hundred and seventy-six chapters out to watch. The next one is also on its way to release this week. Let us jump into the release date and the timing of the new episode. We will also discuss in detail the platforms you can read it. Keep reading this article to know more about the release.

When will Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 be released?

The new chapter will release on 16 November 2022, Wednesday. The official English fan scans of Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 will publish on 15 November 2022, Tuesday. Any other fan scans will be considered illegal.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277?

You can read Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 on the Official website of Shonen Magazine from Kodansha. For English fans, you will find this on Google. You can also visit Shonen Jump App. It is best to watch from legal sites only. It provides you with a quality watching experience without many ads. We will update you with more information soon. Keep reading and stay connected for more.


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