Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novels Cast Reveals TV Anime Adaptation in 2023: Many interesting and fascinating announcement has been done which is enough to make you smile and be happy. On daily basis, many reports of upcoming projects are going on and people love it but there are many people who are not aware of it and want to know the details of the document. At present, we get to know that on Wednesday, 19th October 2022, a light novel is all set to get TV anime by the next year. As per the exclusive report, ABC Animation shared a tender advertisement video to declare that the Tsuyokute New Saga series of Masayuki Abe is motivating a television anime released next year in July.

Tsuyokute New Saga Light novel

Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novels TV Anime Adaptation in 2023

Those who have already read novels are excitedly looking forward to watching their favorite series in the anime versions, especially on TV. The teaser is out which develops as well as increases the interest of the people. The fans want to know the story and all the other details related to this forthcoming series. The readers can watch the teaser of this series in this blog as well the details of the anime stars are also mentioned, but to know that, the readers need to read this entire blog carefully and the anime lovers get all the details of it.

Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novels Cast

As per the teaser, the story of this series is established in a world put down waste by the invasion of the demon. The adherent Kyle conquers the demon king with his last and final remaining power and strength but after that, he is sent back 4 years into the past. Equipped with the experiences and memories of his past life, Kyle takes this 2nd chance at life in order to make sure that the sad and tragic history does not suppose to get repeat itself. Now the main story will start with this part but how will he conquer is really thrilling to watch.

The main anime stars and voices are given by artists to Tsuyokute New Saga Light Novels

  • The main character of this series is “Kyle” and Yuma Uchida is giving voice to this character
  • Hiro Shimono is giving voice to the character named Seran
  • Fairouz Ai is giving voice to the character named Lise
  • Asami Seto is giving voice to the character named Urza
  • Minami Takahashi is giving voice to the character named Sildonia

This series will be constructed under the direction of Norikazu Ishigooka and everyone watched his direction in “Midnight Occult Civil Servants”. Yokohama Animation Lab. Nilitsu is drafting the designs of the real animation character. As of now we just only have this many details but we are hoping that we will soon get the details of its release.


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