TV Anime Shūmatsu Train Doko e Iku Announces By Kadokawa Original: Many amazing and thrilling anime are in the line-up for the entertainment of the watchers and of course for making money. Many announcements of upcoming projects have been shared by the makers which are increasing our interest already and making us search to know more about them. One such announcement of the upcoming project has been made on Friday, 14th October 2022. As per the reports, Kadokawa declared that an original small-screen anime will be in making and the title of this series is “Where Does The Doomsday Train Go?”.

Shūmatsu Train Doko e Iku

Not only the name but the visual of the series was also disclosed after making the announcement and trust us the visual is mind-blowing and already catching our eyeballs. The tagline of the anime is “I wonder if we were friends.” This fantastic series is constructed under the direction of Tsutomu Mizushima. The fans have a lot of expectations from this upcoming series as it will be constructed under the direction of the award-winning director.

Mizushima already showed his wandering skills of direction in Girls und Panzer! as well as in Shirobako. Now the fans are expecting another masterpiece. It has been quite a while since the director Mizushima served on a new real anime with his earlier work which he had done in the year 2020. Other than that, Kadokawa declared the anime in celebration of the Railway Day of this year which is the 150th jubilee of the first railway in Japan.

The social media platform is flooded with many different reactions after hearing the announcement and making their own theories related to this forthcoming Television series. The fans are making their own theories related to the storyline of the series and thinking that what it could be about. The visuals of the anime are increasing more speculation related to the storyline.

After looking at the visual carefully it is reflecting that the series could be possibly about the main character being pals with someone who had gone to hijack a train that could finish the globe and it is now up to them to stop this destruction or it can be the tale about the imminent end of this globe! Anything can happen, and we are already clear that it is just a prediction we don’t know the actual storyline.

The makers have not shared many details of this upcoming project and it is also not known when it will be released and even the name of the characters are not out. To know all the details of this upcoming project of Kadokawa we need to wait for their further announcement but as of now you check the visuals and don’t forget to share your story after watching the visuals.


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