Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashita Chapter 2 Release Date, Time, and, Where to Read: Those who are interested in reading NSFW content will surely love this particular blog. No, we are not promoting any NSFW content but we are sharing the details of a manga that is full of NSFW content and many adult scenes along with adult language. There is a particular section of people who loves to read this type of adult conduct. Not only the dialogue but the illustration of the manga is bold too. The title of the series is “Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashita“. It is not meant for kids to read and also not for those who avoid reading such bold content. Only 18+ above are allowed to read it.

Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashita Chapter 2

Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashita Chapter 2 Release Date

The author of this series is Leo Hoshizaki who focuses on the storyline of it so that it can automatically pull attention. The genres of this series are Smut, Manga, college life, and Yaoi(BL). The original language of this series is Japanese but it is available to read in English too which means anyone can read it but don’t forget it is written only for 18+. So be careful and keep your children away from it. It is currently releasing the chapters for its amusement of it. Those who already read it know its plot but those who have not read it yet want to have some summary of it and to know that you need to scroll after this paragraph.

Summary Of Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashit

The tagline reads, “At this rate, you will even be able to dry or**sm soon.” Riku the main protagonist is a college student who is quite fascinated with his body. Due to that. he used to post suggestive and interesting pictures on social media but instead of using the original name, he created his account with an anonymous name. He used to post photos for fun. But his photos highly likes by people and within a few times, he gets a steady amount of comments and likes which help him to accumulate more than 10,000 followers.

  • Name: Ura Aka DD, Mesuiki Kaihatsu Saremashita
  • Authors: Leo hoshizaki
  • Smut: College life
  • Genres: Manga , Yaoi(BL)
  • Translated language: English
  • Original language: Japanese
  • Original work: Ongoing

One day he found an unpleasant account on social media and the name which is using in the account is “Trainer”. This account is managed by Kento who is soaring in popularity in social media…To know more it is better to read the story and you will get clear information about it. Despite having bold content but the storyline is really intriguing and knows how to hold the interest of the people. As of now, only 1 chapter of the series has been released which means it is a fresh story and within a chapter, he accumulated good ratings and reading of numbers as well.


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