Urusei Yatsura Anime: Where To Watch Online For Free: Woow, many new, fascinating, and thrilling web series are coming and ready to make you a fan. And if things go well then there is a high chance that you will get another season of it. As of now let’s talk about the latest project, the new Urusei Yatsura anime. The first episode of this new anime version is already out but most people don’t know where and how they can watch it. If you are also thinking the same then you don’t need to worry anymore. This blog will help you to provide the proper guidance on how you can enjoy this series.

Urusei Yatsura anime

How to Watch Online Urusei Yatsura Anime?

In the 21st century, it is not tough to get the details of anything especially when you are looking to know about the streaming service. In other words, those who are planning to watch the 1st episode of UY and don’t know about it need to no worry anymore. There are some subscription services that are streaming this series on their platform. At present, the series telecasting it and it is available to watch on the Noitamina programming block which is Fuji TV. We know that most people are not able to watch it there but no need to be worry there are more another options are available if you really want to watch it. Noted we will not share the details of illegally hosting websites.


Where To Watch Urusei Yatsura Anime?

The most convenient way to legally enjoy watching this show on the web is through the HIDIVE service. The membership cost of this streaming service is $4.99 which you need to pay for a month but for those who are using it for the first time a 7-day free offer is available for them. Apart from Urusei Yatsura this streaming service is telecasting many notable shows including:

  • Vinland Saga
  • Call of the Night
  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Lupin The Third
  • Made In Abyss
  • Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
  • Maid Sama!

The simple way to enjoy this service is firstly you need to buy the subscription first, and then put the name of this anime in the search bar. Sadly, those who are thinking to watch this series on Crunchyroll will disappoint to hear that there have been no announcements or news related to this anime debuting on this platform. The only way to enjoy it online is only on HIDIVE.

Urusei Yatsura Anime Summary

The plot of the show begins off with the fornicating Ataru being chosen to represent humanity in a stranger mano-a-mano against the alien oni that elementally boils down to him requiring to hold the horn of Lum Invader. One misunderstands his motivation, directing her to think that Ataru wants to tie the wedding knot to her.


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