When was the final chapter of Zero Ainan issued? ‘Goodbye, Eden’ Manga Ends: It is quite sad to say goodbye to a favorite show whether it is on screen or in written format. Readers and watchers usually get emotionally attached to it and create the world in their mind where the characters are actually playing the role and it feels real. Now saying goodbye to it is hard but everything gets ultimately ends one day. The fans of the manga titled “Goodbye, Eden” are feeling the same as the series has recently published its final chapter. Those who have already read it know but who don’t read it yet can find it on the publishing platform.

Zero Ainan

When was the final chapter of Zero Ainan issued?

As usual, on Friday, 21st October 2022, the 21st issue of Young Gangan magazine of Square Enix released the last chapter of the manga Goodbye, Eden created by Zero Ainan. The manga was released in the month of January 2020, two years back in Young Gangan magazine. After that Square Enix released the first put-together volume of the manga in the country of Japan in the same year 2020 in the month of September and 3rd volume of the manga was published on 25th May 2020.

This series is also available to read in English language and Comikey gives the license to this manga and it began publishing in digital format to read in the month of May. The firm explains the tale of the manga and the genre of this series is MATURE, ADULT, VIOLENCE, GORE, DRAMA, SCI-FIR, POST-APOCALYPTIC, and Romance. As we said this series is originally written in Japanese but is also available in English.

Storyline Of “Goodbye, Eden”

In the series between a long war and in the middle of it, several scientists invented or created a drug that changes the fear of demise into happiness or we can say pleasure, making it possible for school-going females to battle alongside these stupid men. In this entire world of demise, rampant s*x, and drugs, there is 1 young and beautiful girl whose have a dream to find true and right love. Now it is enthralling to read if will she discovers her true love and has a romantic, happy ending.

Those who love to read romantic as well as sci-fi love story they surely love those who have not read them yet. It is our suggestion to give it at least 1 chance and we bet you surely love the story and the characters of it and get to know why the readers of this series are feeling sad and want the anime version of it. There is a hope that might be the viewers will get to watch it in the anime version. However, no such details or announcements have been made.


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