Kei Sazane’s Why Nobody Remembers My World is a well-known novel. People are curious to know more about TV anime of Why Nobody Remembers My World? You will get complete details about the Why Nobody Remembers My World anime release date. Keep reading for more information.

Kei Sazane's 'Why Nobody Remembers My World

Why Nobody Remembers My World Anime 

The live stream was done in the MF Bunko J Summer School Festival event and will be released on Sunday. It was written by Kei Sazane. The illustrations were made by Neco’s Naze Boku No Sekai O Dare Mo Oboeteinai No Ka. The novel’s anime version will release in 2024. It has been illustrated by Neco. The author has made the announcement of Arikan. The illustrations are high quality. The first novel volume was published by Kadokawa. It was in January 2021. The first volume of the novel was illustrated by Toiro Tomose. The story of the novel and anime will be focused on Cid who is the main hero of the anime. The war is between the five races. They compete for each other on heart. The world is overwritten. There is rule of dragons and demons. The world is overwritten in front of the boy with the name Cid. He is the hero of the story. No human remembers Kai also. He says that he will reclaim the true world. He also meets a girl named, Rinne. The new manga has been launched by Arikan in Kodokawa Monthly Comic Alive. The date of the release was February 2018. another series that will be adopted by the Kadokawa is the ninth volume which will release in February. These were a few details about the release of Kei Sazane’s Why Nobody Remembers My World anime to be released in 2024. The anime also has a teaser. The teaser has been revealed by Neco. Fans are excited about the release of the anime. It will be more comfortable and easy to watch anime of this great story. We will share updates on people’s reactions to Kei Sazane’s Why Nobody Remembers My World? after its release. The best thing is its quality production. This will release on its official website. The news is in the headlines as everyone gets to know about this anime. Arikan has drawn the illustrations for starting the work. This was all about Kei Sazane’s Why Nobody Remembers My World? We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. Stay tuned for more information.


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