XO Kitty Season 2 is going to release soon. You will get complete details about XO, Kitty Season 2 release date. Keep reading for more information.

XO, Kitty Season 2

XO Kitty Season 2

The first season of XO Kitty has come to an end. It is a comedy, drama, and romance story. It is directed by Jennifer Arnold, Jeff Chan, and Katina Medina Mora. It originated in the United States. It is available in English. The episode aired on 18th May 2023 of season 1.

Where Can You Watch XO Kitty Season 2?

You can watch XO Kitty Season 2 on Netflix. There has been a lot of curiosity among the viewers for the release. Many are saying that the series will be cancelled while others are saying that it will be renewed.

Summary Of XO Kitty Season 1:

The first season showed that Kitty was not sure about her sexuality. She shared this with Dae. He directly ignored her by saying that he can’t take up this stress. The father and the daughter are having some wholesome moments on the other hand. Kitty was removed from the college. She was staying in the boy’s hostel. There was a lot of attention going on in the environment at the end of the season.

When Will XO Kitty Season 2 Be Released?

XO Kitty Season 2 will release in 2024 according to the expectations. However, there has not been any confirmation for the same yet. The makers have not announced the exact date. Dae and Kitty were at the airport. They both hugged and kissed each other. Min Ho said on the plane to Kitty that he will meet her mother in LA. Let us have more details about the cast of XO Kitty Season 2 characters.

Cast Of Xo Kitty Season 2:

Anna Cathcart is playing Kitty, Mineyeong Choi is playing Dae, Gia Kim as YUri, Sanga Heon Lee as Min Ho, Anthony Keyvan as Q, Peter Thurnwald as Alex Finnerty, Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison, and Yunjin Kim as Jina. Let us conclude the above.


XO Kitty Season 2 is going to release soon. The series might release at the beginning of 2024. There have not been any details about the same yet. We will update you as soon as we get to know more about the same. This was all about XO Kitty Season 2 release date and other details. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information.


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