We are hoping that you are enjoying our articles on manga and manhwa. We love to share information with our readers that they want to know and always look forward to knowing about it. That is why we came here to talk about the upcoming chapter titled “Your Eternal Lies Chapter 48“. There are many websites who released a few months back and make a space in the heart of people and many readers are showing their interest in reading them. The title is quite interesting and those who are reading this webtoon are stating that the story is quite captive and grabbing the attention of the people. Follow More Updates On Animepisode.Pro

Your Eternal Lies

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 48 Countdown

Now after watching the chaos on social media, we are ready to talk about this series and what is the storyline, and how many chapters have been released so far, every detail will be discussed in this blog and we are hoping that you will like it and if we miss out anything please let us know in the comment section. Now talking about this webtoon, it is quite hard to get the details of it as not a single website is sharing the information of it and that is why it is getting quite tough for us to share much information about it. Though we will still try that get anything important and much more but one thing which we can assure you is that you will get the storyline of the webtoon and then you decide its fate. The Archmage’s Daughter Chapter 161

Storyline Of “Your Eternal Lies”

We know that most of you are here to learn about it and we will not disappoint you. The storyline of the webtoon revolves around Rosen Walker who was imprisoned for killing her spouse when she was 17 years old. Having crushed the pride of the Imperial Army along with 2 prison breaks, she is again put behind the bar and this time she is convicted of life imprisonment. On a boat going to Monte Island, where only the contemptible prisoners were collected, another jailbreak is decided or planned…”What crime you have committed?” “…I am innocent”. We will not give deep details of it so that you don’t get bored while reading it. Throw Me Away Chapter 106

Release Date Of Chapter 48 Of “Your Eternal Lies”

Now, this is the most important thing which every reader wants to know and we are also one of them. However, at this time we don’t know the exact release date of this upcoming chapter but we are hoping to find it this week. But till then readers need to have patience and we are promising that as soon as we get it we will update here. Till then be with us and keep on reading this blog to know more details about popular and ongoing manhwa. Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 43


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