Zelda Wiki Splits Off from Fandom: Collaboration and parting ways both are the most common practice in any business. Many collaborations usually have been done and many firms have usually parted ways. This time as well a firm splits off with another firm. This announcement has been made on Thursday, 20th October 2022, The “Zelda Wiki” a community of fan wikis for the Legen of Zelda franchise declared that it has parted ways from Fandom Inc. which is a wiki and pop culture hosting platform. For better assistance, the crew has launched Zeldapedia.wiki URL which is a new and latest portal website.

Zelda Wiki Splits Off from Fandom

The editor-in-chief of the site penned that the mission of wiki was to be “editorially autonomous” but that they feel that “these role models or ideals are irreconcilable with Fandom.” The go for freedom is a reaction to the recent buy freedom of and dubious staffing decisions.” The editorial director stimulate other wiki societies hosted under Fandom in order to make the same determination, and for those presently working at Fandom to “unification while you still can.”

Apart from that, The Zelda Wiki countersigns the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA), and the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) which are social media networks or websites of liberating fan wikis. Other liberate-run wikis in the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance network include the Super Smash Bros. Wiki and the Mario Wiki, and Bulbapedia. At the start of October, the wiki-hosting firm Fandom picked up many games sites, including GameSpot, and Giant Bomb in a procurement worth $50 million.

The portal site of Zelda Wiki anchored by Fandom is still on the web but if you want to have the updates you need to be expected to be aimed at the platform known as Zeldapedia wiki. For those who don’t know about Fandom, let us clear that it is a wiki-hosting website that aims at fan activities and pop culture. Before Fandom it was familiar by the name Wikia in the month of October 2016. The firm aided to manage the Twitch streams of the Navy of the United States last year.

On Monday, 3rd October 2022, the wiki hosting platform declared that it had attained the GameFAQs, Metacritic, Comic Vine, TV Guide, Cord Cutters News, Giant Bomb, GameSpot, and Metacritic brands from the media firm known as Red Ventures. As of now, we just only have this many details, as soon as we get something new, we will update this section. To know more be with us.


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