Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 4 Review: Fans Go Crazy on Social Media: Anime lovers are always keen to know the details of the series before watching it. At present, the audience are liking to watch the anime series titled “Koukyuu No Karashu” and it has recently streamed 4th episode of it and people want to know the review. It is an anime adaptation of a popular novel series penned by Kouko Shirakawa but illustrated by Ayuko. The 1st chapter of the novel was issued in the month of April 2018 by Shueisha and the final volume was issued recently in the year 2022.

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 4 Review

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 4 Review

After watching the success of the novel, the makers decided to create an anime adaptation which was declared on 13th December 2021, and the 1st episode of the series was launched on 1st October 2022. This series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll throughout the globe and the English dubbed version is also available which is easy for international viewers to understand the series. The director of this series is Chizuru Miyawaki and the composition is in the hands of Satomi Ooshima, and the 4 episodes of the series are streamed.

The 4th episode of the series was released on Saturday, 22nd October 2022 and the title of the series was “The Skylark Princess” which shows a phantom of a skylark that has come to Yaumegu. It looks like he has feelings of sadness and regret. He can’t cross over to heaven. 99 felt sad and asked him to save their life of Hibari. On the other side, Jusetus probes Princess Hibari who attained Hibari. Later on, in the series, she goes around to ask the woman of the palace the story related to her, and she overhears the mumbling. It is clearly indicating that a palace sans cloth to be bequeathed is a waste of her servant… To know more it is better to watch it than you will understand the story.

The 4th episode of the series was penned by Masaki Tachihara and the audience really enjoy it now they are looking forward to watching the next episode which will stream by the next week on Saturday, 29th October 2022. The 4th episode mostly likes by the audience and they are impressed with the storyline those who are planning to watch it requires to start from the beginning and only then you can follow the story. The title of the upcoming 5th episode is “Confidant” and the audience is keen to watch it but they need to wait for its release till then they can read our further articles to know the details of other anime series.


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