Keep it a Secret from Your Mother Chapter 70 Release Date, Time, Where to Read: Not only the storyline but the title of the manga is also interesting which pulls our attention and forces us to find out about it. There are many options to watch or read but some series know how to pull the attention and that is why the author or creators use the catchy title. “Keep In A Secret From Your Mother” is one of those catchy titles that pull our attention and make us search for it. There are many people who want to read this but before that, they want to know the overview so that they can get connected to it.

Keep it a Secret from Your Mother Chapter 70

Keep it a Secret from Your Mother Chapter 70 Spoiler

Not only new readers but those who are also following the storyline already also looking to know the release date of the upcoming chapter. We will try to satisfy both the readers who want the overview of it and those who are here to know the release date of the upcoming 70th chapter of “Keep It A Secret From Your Mother”. As the name suggests the mother is playing the key role in the series. But what is the exact description of the series, before talking about it we want to inform our readers that the content of it is “Explicit S*x”.

The series is focusing the story of Hae-sung who is residing with Yeon-ah. Yeon-ah is a friend of her mother. He thought studying hard is the only thing which is important and needed to make his life worth it. But it is a fiction story so how can things be normal without having any twists? Hae-sung who was always concerned about his studies thought that he had to do it, but the other top pupils are also enjoying their love life along with their studies top of that, “Studying is not the sole thing you do in a classroom?”

The Release Date Of the 70th Chapter Of Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

As the number is suggesting author NOAH has already released 69 chapters and already make people addicted to the storyline. People now want to have the details of the release date of the 70th chapter. As per the details, the release date of this new upcoming chapter is planned to be published on Monday, 14th November 2022 and the timing would be the same 12:00 AM JST. The rest of the timing is mentioned below:-

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 09:00 AM, Monday, 14th November 2022
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 12:00 PM, Monday, 14th November 2022
  • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 11:00 AM, Monday, 14th November 2022
  • British Summer Time (BST): 05:00 PM, Monday, 14th November 2022

The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not out as they usually come 1 or 2 days before the release and as of now, 5 days are left. So readers need to have patience and as soon as our radar gets the details of it we will notify our readers.


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